Beach Family Photographer | Virginia Beach Family Photography

Summer beach portraits are classic here in Virginia Beach!  When I am spending time with our KGP families, I make sure to allow plenty of time for natural unposed interactions.  As you can see these make for some of our families' favorite images - and ours too!  When we photograph young children (toddlers and babies especially), it's important to capture their natural smiles and actions.  That is what families want to remember for years to come!

Beach family fun
sibling beach poses Virginia Beach photographer
Beach baby playing in the sand Virginia Beach Photographer
Beach family portrait
beach family poses
Brothers at the beach

Kimberlin Gray Photography specializes in beautiful natural family portraiture.  Call us today to schedule your limited edition beach sessions! 

Beach Hammock | Virginia Beach Newborn Photograher

Meet Juliana.  She was perfect for her photoshoot.   (really aren't they all?) so sweet and new and the perfect time to capture this precious moment for her parents.  As always, safety is the our 1st priority, I always like to mention when a image is a composite so that no one will think its okay to place a baby in any kind of prop unattended.  We use assistants for composite shots and they have their hand on the baby at all times in the hammock.

Summer Beach Family | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

Minisessions with Large Families | Virginia Beach Baby and Children Photographer

I often have people email me who say, "I have {insert number here} children and was wondering if it's possible to book a minisession with that many kids?"  Some photographers would balk at the idea of having more than two little ones to photograph in 20 minutes, but I love the challenge!

Now, you might recognize this family from a recent blog post - I captured the birth of their newest little one only a little over 2 months ago.  When she emailed to tell me all about their sweet melting pot family before our minisession, I knew it was a tall order.  The kids are ages 7, 6, 4 and the 2.5 mo baby.  She was a bit worried about their 4yo son who has special needs, but I was convinced we could make it work.  And work it we did!  They were so amazing - all of the kids were super smiley and opened up to me quickly.  And between running around and throwing sand, we captured some magical moments that I know they will treasure!!

Here is the gallery of images I presented them with - 20 minutes with 6 people, 4 of them under the age of seven!