Top 12 of 2012 ~ Maternity | Virginia Beach Maternity Photographer, Pregnancy Photography

Many times, when I first meet with prospective clients (or chat via email!), they tell me that they aren't sure the really want to have a maternity session.  They aren't convinced that they want their pregnant form captured and think that maybe just those precious newborn baby photos will be enough.  But I always try to encourage them to reconsider because preserving the memory of pregnancy is more than just a snapshot of a belly bump.  It's about capturing the miracle growing inside that belly - the miracle that came from two people in love who are creating a family together.  Here at Kimberlin Gray Photography, we stay away from the cheesy, contrived, or cliche maternity poses.  Instead, my goal is to capture the connection between the mom and dad-to-be, the gorgeous glow of an expecting woman, and the beautiful form of the pregnant body.  I absolutely love silhouettes (as you'll see) and find them to be the perfect way to preserve that pregnant form via photo.  Enjoy my favorite 12 maternity captures of 2012: