2015 Artistry Series | Hampton Roads Child Photography

The Artistry Series

Our first year offering these unique and creative sessions each month was a HUGE success! Tina is the creative visionary behind this new type of session - one that truly captures the magic of childhood!  Each month, we chose a different theme and created a set that no one else has! 

We had many families who chose to take part in our Artistry Portrait Club.  They committed to coming each month and in return received more images and a lower rate on each session.  We absolutely loved getting to know those families better and watching their children grow throughout the year!  

Here is our Year-End review of some of our favorite images of the year of Artistry Sessions!

Woodland Fairy Tale:

Fairy Tale Creative Minisessions | Artistry

Starlight, Starbright:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star | Starlight, Starbright Artistry

The Vintage Garden:

Vintage Garden | Springtime Portraits

Super Kids:

Superhero Kids | Super Friends | Virginia Child Photography

Swingin' into Summer:

Kids on Swings | Tire Swing Pictures | Virginia Beach Children Photographer

By the Seashore:

Seashore and Mermaid Photos | Virginia Child Photographer

Bubble Bath:

Bubble Bath | Bubble Minisession | Virginia Beach Kid Photo

The Vintage Circus:

Vintage Circus | Norfolk Children Photography | Creative Minisessions

Fall Fantasy:

Fall Fantasy | Creative Fall Child Portraits

The Night Before Christmas:

Night Before Christmas Photo | Creative Christmas Pictures | Virginia Beach Photography Studio

Vintage Circus | Virginia Beach Child Photographer

 I have always had a love for styled photo shoots.   I have been doing them for as long as I have been shooting.  Each one is a labor of love. Each one usually starts with a single item that I find, from there a entire theme develops.  I collect props and make a lot of my own, sometimes for up to a year until every little detail is ready.  This circus theme turned out exactly the way I had envisioned.   I am blessed to have Amanda as one of my biggest supporters in this area of photography.  There wasn't a huge market for creative artistry.. but she is hoping to change that and I am super excited to be able to continue to create and capture the magic of childhood.  

Swinging into Summer | Artistry Session | Virginia Beach Child Photographer

To be young and carefree again! What better way to represent the freedom of childhood.  One of our summer Artistry session was a perfect day swinging on a tire swing and a old wooden bench swing.

Vintage Garden | Artistry Series | Hampton Roads Children Photographer

Our Spring Artistry session combined the elements of spring, Mother's Day, gardens and flowers to make a gorgeous creative set for timeless images. Kimberlin Gray Photography is proud to offer some of the most creative sessions in the entire Hampton Roads area!