What to Wear

Sun Hazy Maternity | Virginia Beach Maternity Photographer

Oh how I love these sun hazy, beachy images!  This evening was gorgeous and after taking quite a few backlit photos, we just hung out together and chatted while the sun dipped slowly toward the horizon.  Sometimes out on the beach, the beautiful sun can be too much and patience is our friend.  Finally, we were able to start again and capture some of my favorite beach + belly images!

What to Wear - TRIPLE edition! | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

I have not one, but THREE examples of  What to Wear for your next family portrait session!  The goal is to coordinate without matching exactly.  The days of everyone wearing black shirts and khaki's are gone - let's be more creative and natural!  Wouldn't your family look beautiful in one of these color palettes??

What to Wear - October Edition

Usually, this is a What to Wear Wednesday - but since today is Tuesday, we'll just call it What to Wear for your Fall Mini-Session.  :D  Some of you have told me that you are not planning a "traditional" holiday portrait this year (which is great - way to stand out from the crowd!) so this month's What to Wear Guide has a fall theme and follows all my "rules":

1.  Choose at least three colors to use in your family's palette - no matchy-matchy, but coordination is a must.

2.  Think in layers - especially for fun, funky backdrops!

3.  Use ACCESSORIES to give dimension to the portrait. (Scarves, jewelry, boots, hats, etc.)

Click here or at the top on Blog Categories>What to Wear for more photo examples to inspire you!

What to Wear Wednesday | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

It's almost Wednesday, so before I forget, here's another edition of "What to Wear" - a guide to help families who are struggling with coordinating outfits for their portrait session.  This particular edition will be perfect for my upcoming (November) holiday mini-sessions - a bit of red, a bit of green....a whole lot of perfection!

Beautiful Belly {Sneak Peek} | Norfolk Maternity Photographer

After this session, I wanted to sit in my car and just look over all of the photos on my camera.  Isn't that crazy?!  They were stunning on the little LCD screen and I could only image how great they'd be on my computer screen once I had a chance to edit them!  I'll let you be the judge with this little sneak peek.  {Oh, and I may do a What to Wear | Maternity blog post just with her outfits! :)}