What to Wear Wednesday {Rockin' Family Slideshow}

I wanted to share with you today a real-life example of "What to Wear".  This family showed up for their session and I was over-the-moon-excited about their outfits!  They did everything right - bright colors, coordination, comfort and style.  The baby had a three tiered dress that seemed to be the inspiration for their family look.  The older sister wore a skirt with leggings (it's always a great idea to use layers for more of a 3D "pop") in the same color scheme.  Hot pink, light blue and orange were the main colors so Mom wore a light blue top and Dad wore a lighter orange polo.  Their shoes were even coordinated - I LOVED all their summer sandals!!  Click on the slideshow below to see how awesome their outfits look together - no matching needed!!  Way to go, guys - you're an inspiration for all my families and I hope you love your portraits!

**Slideshow seems to need a minute to load, so please click and wait a sec for it to start playing!  Thanks for your patience!**

And, here are some outfit ideas for your family if you have a session coming up this summer: