Artistry Portrait Club & The Woodland Fairy Tale Session

The Artistry Session

~Capturing the MAGIC of Childhood~

Our first Artistry Session offering will be held the afternoon of Saturday, February 21st in Chesapeake, VA.  We will have fairy tale elements to add to your child's portraits so that they are truly magical - for boys, we have a cape, various crowns, a sword, a scepter and a dragon!  For girls, we have dresses in various sizes (or your little one can wear her own pretty dress) and we have crowns, fairy dust, and a frog to kiss.  :)  These are not your typical 'minisessions' - we have turned childhood imagination into a reality and will truly be capturing the magic of childhood!

knight minisession childhood princess in the forest childhood minisession

There are two ways to book!  First, you can join our Artistry Portrait Club by clicking on the Subscription button below which will sign you up for the first 6 months of amazing artistry sessions (see all the themes and details here) and get all the extra sessions and images that comes with being a member of our portrait club.  Subscribing authorizes recurring payments of $199/month for 6 months (Feb-July) and there are no refunds or rescheduling (even if you are unable to attend on the date of that month's Artistry Session - some months will have more than one session for club members!)  

**Edited to Add:  You can sign up now or start March 1st for the sessions between March and July.  Then, we will not accept Portrait Club members again until summer when we will open the next 6 month subscription (for Artistry Sessions July-Dec).  Obviously if you sign up now, you will have a 6 month subscription and then can renew for the August-December sessions in July!
Portrait Club:

OR - you can choose to book individual Artistry Sessions for $295 - and by clicking the link here, you can book your spot for the Woodland Fairy Tale session now!


artistic forest child session