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"I definitely wanted to come back to Kimberlin Gray Photography for our {second child's} sessions because I trusted her so much to capture those perfect, small moments that you want to remember forever." - Heather

"I wasn't feeling very pretty at the time because I was nearly 9 months pregnant, but she made me feel beautiful."  - Emily

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“I knew as soon as we found out we were expecting that I wanted to get some adorable newborn photos made of our new baby.  I research everything at length before committing to anything and started asking around and searching the Internet for good newborn photographers in Hampton Roads.  I had it narrowed down to a few based on portfolios and started contacting each photographer to ask all the availability/investment/etc. questions.  I was immediately impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of Amanda, the photographer/owner of Kimberlin Gray and was ready to book with her shortly after making contact.  She met with us to get a feel of our taste and expectations and on the day of the newborn shoot, nailed it with her backgrounds and props.  Her ideas far exceeded anything I had in mind prior to coming in and the final shots did not disappoint.

As far as how our shoot went, I was amazed at how Amanda worked with our baby.  She creates the perfect environment to keep a newborn happy and comfortable.  She was so good with our baby and let her guide the session, even if that meant a long session due to frequent breaks.  Our newborn session was our first outing after the baby and it ended up being a very relaxing afternoon (thanks to Amanda), which was much needed for a tired new mom and dad.   Because I am a Frugal Fannie, I was hesitant at first about the cost of such a session.  However, as soon as I saw the proofs,  I knew we had made an excellent investment.  We have enjoyed the photos so much and have been able to use pics as gifts, Christmas cards, and even wall art (something suggested by Amanda that I’m glad we did).  Amanda has a unique set of talents with her artistry, patience, kindness, and experience as a mommy that have made her such a amazing newborn photographer.  We will treasure these forever!” - Megan

“I’m so glad I invested in a birth photography and newborn photography session with Kimberlin Gray Photography.  The biggest motivation to do it was my husband being deployed overseas and missing the birth of our daughter, Harper, and the first 2 months of her life.  I knew that time was going to go by really fast and she was going to change so much.  It was important to us to capture the sweet newness of her beautifully.

I was nervous about taking Harper out of the house for her newborn photography session within the first week of her life.  But once I arrived at the studio with sleeping baby in tow, Amanda gently took charge.  She settled me onto her comfy couch and then proceeded to work with Harper.  Mom and baby were quite comfortable the whole time! Watching Amanda work was great.  She not only was great with Harper but she is a bit of a perfectionist which is something my husband and I can really appreciate.”  - Hee Jea

"Words can’t express the value of the images that Amanda captured for me.  I actually found Amanda through one of her clients. I instantly loved the images I saw and began looking more into her work. I saw through some of her before/after images how important infant safety was to her and I was sold!

I am a firm believer in “getting what you pay for”. Her work may seem a bit pricey but the memories she captured makes all the money worth it. She offers payment plans which I loved! We we able to pick a plan that suited us. I felt so at home at the studio. I was able to sit and relax while she went to work. She was so good with my son and calming him. I never felt he was unsafe at any point during the session. We brought our 20 month old son along as well for some sibling shots and we knocked those out first. She had an area down stairs where he was able to play while she finished the session. I took ideas of poses I wanted to try and we were able to capture those as well. My favorite image is…. all of them! I can’t pick one that I am not in love with. One of the images I treasure extra special is the one she captured of my husband, the baby, and I. My husband missed the birth of our first son due to being on deployment and didn’t return until he was 8 months old. I am completely in love seeing him hold this tiny new being that we created. I will always hold that close to my heart.  Do your research and invest. Thats the biggest advice I can give to picking your newborn photography. Book with Kimberlin Gray Photography, your heart will not regret it!" - Morgan

"When our son was one week old, we arrived at the Kimberlin Gray studio tired with a not so happy baby.  We hoped that the car ride over would put him off to sleep, but when we arrived, his eyes were wide open (and in the back of my mind I was fearful that we were not going to get the images I wanted because he was not a big sleeper at all!).  I could not believe how well Amanda handled him throughout the session and used several tricks to get him to sleep.  My husband and I watched from the couch as she amazingly captured so many wonderful pictures of him.  Before we knew it, he and I had both dozed off to sleep!

Upon receiving the proofs of our pictures, we were amazed at all of the photos that Amanda was able to capture. I cannot say enough good things about Amanda’s photography skills. There are many photographers that are out there that take pictures of newborns, but Amanda doesn’t just take pictures, she’s an artist!" - Lexie

“I can’t say enough as to how in love I am with all the newborn photos of Andrew. Everyday I take a look at them on my mantle and it reminds me of how tiny he once was – and how quickly he is growing.  It reminds me to cherish every moment I have with him as he’ll be a little boy, little man and then a grown-up too quickly.”  - Michelle

“Our session with Amanda was amazing! She is a pro at capturing the best images of your new bundles of joy.  We were amazed at how well she was able to calm our littles ones and capture the most amazing moments, especially working with 3 babies at once – she has the patience of a saint!  We will treasure these photos forever!  It is worth every penny to have a professional take these photos.  She knows the perfect positions to place them in and uses the cutest props! Our family photo is one we will treasure for the rest of our lives!” ~Morgan