Downtown Family {Sneak Peek} | Norfolk Family Photographer

My clients are the coolest, cutest, and most fashionable families EVER!  Here's a sneak peek for another awesome family who is hoping for the perfect Christmas cards this year.  And they will have them, most certainly!

Family {Sneak Peek} | Virginia Beach, Norfolk Family Photographer

One of my favorite spots downtown was the site of my recently family session.  My camera absolutely loved this family (okay, I did, too) with the teenage daughter who was stunningly beautiful, a 4 year old son who was so cooperative that I didn't know what to do with myself and three adults who smiled and posed like pros!  Sometimes, it's just too easy.  :)

I have lots more I could share, but I will leave you with this.  Seriously - couldn't she be a model?  Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

I'm FOUR! {Sneak Peek} | Norfolk Child & Children's Photographer

I'm all too familiar with four year olds, having one living in my house right now, so when I was contacted to do a session on this little guy's fourth birthday, I knew what to expect!  Four year olds are notorious for being on one minute and off the next...they pretty much do what they want, when they want!  (Well, at least that's how it is in my house!! :) )  As much as I love the "posed" shots, I truly do enjoy capturing kids just being kids.  So these two are my favorites even though they aren't portrait-perfect.

His mommy just finished an awesome tattoo that says it all:  Mother's Love Endures All.  She's a very strong lady and I admire her so much!

So does her son.  And he shows his love just as you would expect from a four year old boy.

3 Months | Norfolk Baby & Family Photography

Happy Father's Day to all of my families!  Today's sneak peek is for a new daddy - his little boy is just 3 months old!  This little guy was so serious during our session.  Of course, his mommy & daddy reported that he had been all smiles earlier that day.  Isn't that always how it is?  But we managed to eek out a smile after all!

This one is my personal favorite from this session.  I just love the slash of rainbow sun flare!  (Oh, and since my husband commented that some might think that wasn't supposed to be there, I totally did that on purpose! :)  Love you, Honey!)

Downtown Boy {Sneak Peek} | Norfolk VA Child & Children's Photography

This young guy was a dream to photograph!  His mom said her main objective from this session was to get a "non-cheesy" smile, so I brought along a little airplane to break the ice.  I love how this shows the imagination and playfulness of a boy:

Even though it was pretty chilly, we sure got some super smiles!  I hope you enjoy your sneak peek - your full gallery will be up soon!