2010 Holiday Cards {Product Share}

For those of you waiting to hear all the details of my Holiday Mini-Sessions, I promise that they are Coming Soon!   Meanwhile, I thought I would share my super-duper sweet new Holiday Card designs with you.  Want to be the envy of all your friends with the most fabulous holiday cards on the block? Then, you'll definitely want to be a part of my mini-sessions this year! When you choose a holiday mini-session with Kimberlin Gray Photography, these cards are part of the offerings.  They are 5x7 sized, double-sided, multi-photo, press printed cards.  What is the difference between these cards and the ones you get at Shutterfly Popular Online Photo Store? ;)  Well, these are beautiful, high-quality cards, not the typical glossy, thin photo card. They are press printed on heavyweight matte paper (or can be printed on linen or pearl paper at no extra cost!) and will be the showcase card of all your family and friends!  Stay tuned for all the details on how to book your family's holiday mini-session.  And, a special thank you to my "models" for this year's cards - a few of the Davis Mini-Session participants!

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Decorate your Walls | Virginia Beach, Norfolk Family Photographer

I have been working on something special for my clients - a private page with ideas on how you can best display the photos from our session on your family's walls!  This will be available only to clients, but I wanted to share just a couple of them with you.  There are many options (some for stairways, over couches, wall shelves, etc.) and I can even put your images directly inside the frames so you can see exactly what it will look like hanging on your wall!  Pretty neat!

(Previous clients, the BIGGER IS BETTER promotion would be perfect if you're considering updating a wall in your home - it ends June 5th!)

Here's one for above the fireplace:

This one could go anywhere, but would look great above a couch or on a hallway wall:

And an example of what you can do with just two photos above a coffee table or wall shelf:

There are many more options, so be sure to ask me if you are looking to re-decorate your walls with beautiful images of your family!

Bigger IS Better {Product Share & Promotion} | Virginia Family Photographer

I have recently been thinking a lot about the products that I offer and how I can make my business stand out from others -- especially those chain studios where you can get a bajillion prints for $9.99.   Honestly, I know I can't compete with their prices.  And truthfully, I don't WANT to.  It's just not the same kind of business and not the same experience for the customer.  My goal is to provide something different, something unique and custom to my clients.  I strive to provide exceptional customer service, starting with the time it takes to capture your children or families just as they are and ending with superior prints for your wall or high-resolution images on CD.

One of the hallmarks of the mall studios are their packages - usually some quantity of 8x10's, 5x7's and wallets.  However, custom portraiture is different in that it is meant to adorn your home, to remind you of that special moment that is now frozen in's, well, not to be overly dramatic, but it's wall art.  If you notice in my pricing structure, 5x7's and 8x10's are called "Desk/Gift Prints" and sizes larger than that are called "Wall Portraits".  I know that 8x10's are the largest size typically offered at the chain studios.  Personally, I find 8x10's too big for a desk, but too small for a wall.  Here is a photo comparison for you.  I recently had a client order a big print - 16x20 size.  I put it on the shelf in my daughter's room with an 8x10 right next to it for you to see the difference.  Which looks like it belongs on the wall and which looks like it belongs in a scrapbook?

Amazing, isn't it?  The faces just disappear in the smaller print, but you can see all the detail - even the sparkle in their eyes- in the larger one!  (Okay, maybe not in my crappy product photos, but in real life for sure!) Another perk of going BIG?  Prints 11x14 and larger come mounted on matboard and lustre coated to preserve the color and finish for years and years.

I would love to help my clients break out of the 8x10 box and GO BIG!  Once you order your first big print, once you see it hanging on the wall in your home, I promise you will never order a bunch of 8x10's again!

With that in mind, I would like to offer this special to my previous clients.  If you have had a session with Kimberlin Gray Photography (even when I was building my portfolio in 2009!) I would like to give you a nudge forward into the world of LARGE prints!  So here it is - the BIGGER you go, the BETTER the deal! Choose your favorite photo from a previous session (or ask me which I think would be the best) and choose a BIG size for a discounted price! E-mail or call me for details.

Saturday Share - {Products}

I am so excited to share one of my new products with you - the Standout Board!  I absolutely love these and love that they come in just about any size! Standout boards are thick, lightweight, and finished with a black edge.  The image is mounted directly on the board and finished with a lustre coating that makes it just pop off the wall!  My favorite part?  They come ready to display on your wall with hanging holes on the backside!  No frame needed, no additional cost!  How cool is that!? I ordered one for myself and was blown away when it arrived!  Taking pictures of pictures is not my calling, but I wanted to show you how these look.  Here is the 8x10 of my kids that I ordered.

And a view from the side:

I will be offering all of my Storyboard collages with this standout board mounting included.  Here is one that a client ordered (this is a 16x20) and I thought it was gorgeous!

Here is the backside so that you can see how it hangs and a close up of the corner to see how nicely it's finished:

As you can tell, I'm super excited to have this product for my clients and hope to offer similar products that allow you to display and treasure your photos forever!  After all, what good are pictures if they're stuck on your computer?  Be sure to get them on your walls!!!