5 Surprising Items You Should Include In Your Hospital Bag for Your Birth in Hampton Roads

What should I pack in my hospital bag? I remember asking this very thing when I was getting into the last months of my first pregnancy. What is NEEDED and what is just nice to have? If I pack everything I think I might need, am I going to have too much? The answer was yes, by the way - I packed way too much. Honestly, I found that I really didn’t need as much as most of the packing lists said I needed. Anything that I needed AFTER the baby was born, I could send my husband or my mother to get for me. So the important items were just getting through labor and the immediate moments after that I needed to pack for.

Whether you’re planning to give birth at DePaul Medical Center, Sentara Princess Anne, Norfolk General, Sentara Leigh, Portsmouth Naval Hospital or any of the other area hospitals, this might help you pack that bag!

Here are 5 things that I think are essential to pack in your hospital bag:

  1. Your own Pillow (and maybe blanket too!) - Choose a dark color or pattern for the pillowcase so that you know which one is yours. Plus it just looks cool in the photos! :)

  2. Your favorite Lipbalm - Hospitals can be dry places and sometimes you are there longer than you think you might be. During the pushing phase of labor, ice chips sometimes aren’t enough to soften your lips.

  3. Honey Sticks/Snacks - In many hospitals, laboring moms aren’t allowed to eat or drink. But things like popsicles are given freely. Bringing honey sticks can be a good way to get a boost of energy through natural sugar! Also, don’t forget to pack snacks for your support people!

  4. Slippers or socks - Hospital floors are cold (and DIRTY!). Let’s not talk about all the fluids and germs that end up on the floor of a hospital room. Blech! You will want to be comfortable and warm, so be sure to pack something for your toes. They can be cute or just a throw-away pair!

  5. Your camera (of course!) or your Birth Photographer! - Don’t forget to capture these precious memories. They are literally once-in-a-lifetime moments that cannot be redone! If you are interested in learning more about hiring a birth photographer, please click here or email me at info@kimberlingrayphotography.com and I’m happy to chat with you!

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