Best Photo Locations in Hampton Roads

Do you have any recommendations on WHERE to take our photos?

YES - of course we do! After 10 years of photographing families and expecting mothers, we have our favorite spots. These aren’t the only places to take pictures, but they are some of our favorites. If you have another suggestion, please let us know!

Below are some of our favorite spots in Virginia Beach and Norfolk for family pictures and maternity portraits:

East Beach, Norfolk

Our studio is located in this neighborhood and we just love the beaches here. If you’re looking for tall beach grass, lots of sand, and silhouettes, this is the best spot for you! The rocky jettys make for a beautiful water backdrop, too, and because it’s the Chesapeake Bay and not the oceanfront, there are rarely big waves and you’re a bit more protected from the wind.

89th Street, Virginia Beach

This location has both a wooded pathway AND huge open skies at the waterfront, so it affords two different, distinctive “looks” in one session. This is the spot if you love more of the ocean look and big skies in your portraits - there’s a bit more wind at this location because it’s the oceanfront. Silhouettes cannot be guaranteed at this location since the sun sets over the land and not the water here during some seasons. But, this one is great to frolic in the water, especially if you like more candid poses and get lots of the ocean look.

Pleasure House Point

This spot is one of our favorites for those who don’t necessarily want the beach, but want a beautiful outdoor location. It generally tends to look more fall-ish with all the trees and pine straw, but the floor is sandy and there is beautiful area of beach grasses and a lake front! This is more of a private location, with very few people other than some dog walkers and runners! A favorite for families with young children who might not feel the beach is right!


64th Street entrance to First Landing State Park

This spot has some amazing wooded pathways, spanish moss covered trees and a little beachy area, too! It has more of a foresty look in the paths, but also has a light, bright beach with white sand. Definitely gives you options for different types of photos. Most nights we can get silhouettes on the beach side of this location.

The Neon District, Downtown Norfolk

For a more modern and colorful look, the Neon District is the perfect spot. There are so many colorful murals painted on the sides of the buildings - something for everyone! This location is perfect for fun, active families or stylish, contemporary maternity portraits.


Pagoda Gardens, Norfolk

This downtown location has many little areas that are perfect for photos. Year round, this garden has a bridge, rope fence, a stone wall, circular openings, and many trees (sometimes flowers).


The KGP Studio

Our studio is always available for maternity sessions and we can schedule these at any time of day. There’s a variety of backdrops and poses and we can be creative and have fun! These sessions are best for couples only or couples with one child. They are not ideal for toddlers who need lots of room to roam or are super active.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about choosing the perfect location for you!