Photography Classes in Norfolk & Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Want to learn how to use your camera? 

Let's be honest: your "big camera" is stuck in auto mode (you know, the dial is set on that green box because the other dials and buttons look SOOO complicated)??  Most of the time, you just reach for your phone because figuring out how to actually use that big camera just seems so overwhelming, doesn't it? I get it!  I was totally where you are - back when my daughter was first born, I just wanted some decent pictures of her to send to the grandparents!  I'm here to tell you that it's not as complicated as it seems - and I'll prove it. 

Join me in our brand new studio for a day of learning!  I'll be teaching photography for both beginner and intermediate photographers!  During the morning hours, I'll cover the basics for newer photographers who are just learning how to work their cameras.  The afternoon sessions are dedicated to intermediate and hobbyist photographers who are interested in learning more about some of the advanced features of their camera & basic cataloging & editing of images.  I'd love for you to take both classes back to back and enjoy lunch with me in-between classes!  If you invest in the workshop bundle, you get both levels of instruction, lunch, AND access to our online FB group where you get feedback and a place to get questions answered and support when you need it!

These fun hands-on photography for beginners classes will give you the confidence and skills you need to take better photos! Let's discover what all those knobs and buttons on your camera do, learn basic composition, understand light, and begin to unlock the mystery that is your camera!

Camera, NOT Phone: The Workshop

next date:  FEBRUARY 9, 2019

I would definitely recommend this class for anyone who feels overwhelmed by all the buttons on the camera. It was so nice to be able to sit down and a small and intimate setting and learn. My camera is now not as overwhelming and daunting as It seems. Amanda put everything into terms that we could all understand and we walked away with a foundation to help us keep moving along.
— Jen
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How do you pick which class is right for you?  Well, I recommend starting at the beginning, of course, because there are so many little tidbits of information in the beginner class that are assumed knowledge in the later intermediate one. There are so many different modes, buttons, and features hidden in the menus and we'll be going over all of them during the morning session!

Beginner Course will cover:  Basics of camera holds, how to avoid motion blur, different shooting modes, focus modes, depth of field/aperture, shutter speed, composition & lens choice.  We will practice shooting in aperture priority & shutter speed priority modes and will touch on manual!  You must have a DSLR and is best for those who rarely, if ever, move from Auto (the green box) mode on their cameras!

Intermediate Course will cover:  How and when to change camera settings, how light influences your photos (including back light, & adding light via speedlight), white balance, how to get the perfect composition (blurring the background, using negative space, leading lines and changing angles), the exposure triangle, manual mode & a walk through of Lightroom for photo cataloging and basic editing.  You must have a DSLR and be using it in manual (or have taken the beginner course) to get the most from this class!

I was ecstatic to see Amanda offering this class. I have played around in manual mode on my camera for years, but I wasn’t getting anywhere. Some people do well watching YouTube videos and reading a million articles on aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Not me! Amanda met every expectation I could imagine. She is patient and offers a hands on approach for you to soak up every detail you need to begin shooting in manual on your camera. This class was worth every penny.
— Jennifer


Can't make this date work for your schedule?  Never fear, if there are enough people interested, I'll offer another date.  Just click to join the wait list below and send you info as soon as I know the date of the next workshop!



Can't WAIT to see you in class!