The Productivity Roadmap: Business Coaching for the Creative

The Productivity Roadmap: Business Coaching for the Creative

You have all the right equipment, your editing is amazing & you’ve finally found YOUR STYLE….but are you shooting in the dark when it comes to the business side of things??

Let’s face it: Most photographers are creative people. You probably didn’t go to business school or write some stuffy business plan when you started this journey. In fact, the phrases ‘taxes, QuickBooks, profit & loss statement, marketing and time management’ probably make your stomach churn.

The good news is that you get to do what you love and people PAY you for it! But here’s the bad news: You can have the best images, the coolest website, and even paying clients and still not have a profitable business. So, it’s time to re-evaluate what your business needs to succeed and I’m here to help.  Whether you specialize in weddings, boudoir, newborn or a little bit of everything, business is business and we can create a plan for your specific needs during our one-on-one sessions.

I have run a successful photography business for nearly 6 years and am proud to say that I have turned a profit every single year – yes, even my very first year! Our studio now has three employees and brings in six figures – so we have implemented a plan that truly works. I never took out a loan or borrowed money from family (never even had my husband buy me gear for holiday gifts during those first few years!). I can show you exactly how to easily and successfully track your business expenses, organize your workflow and finances and create some work-life balance in the process.

Don’t let the lights go out on your business’s future – invest in my Productivity Roadmap today!

There are four individual sessions which each include a 2-3 hour in person or Skype session with Amanda as well as a 20 minute ‘check in’ call a few weeks after your session to be sure you are implementing the strategies we discussed and where you can ask any follow up questions to ensure you’re on the road to success!

Begin at the Beginning: Be sure you have the basics down before you get overwhelmed. This is for anyone who is thinking about turning their hobby into a business, has a new photography business, or needs a refresher to be sure they are on the right track.

  • Business Formation
  • Licensing
  • Basic Tax Designations/Filings
  • Camera Gear
  • Editing Software
  • Facebook and Social Media Management
  • Professional Memberships and Forums
  • Contracts & Model Releases
  • Print Labs
  • Setting up a Professional Website

Getting Organized: Are you running your business or is it running you? Your Workflow is an incredibly important piece to sustaining a profitable business.  We will develop a plan together based you your individual needs and find software and workflow tools to help.

  • Studio Management Software
  • Bookkeeping
  • Invoicing Clients
  • Tracking Orders
  • Calculating Profit vs. Loss
  • Organization and Time Management
  • Workflow
  • Client Communication & Boundaries

Website & Portfolio Review: Not sure if you are putting your best foot forward to potential clients? It’s never more important than now to stand out among the competition! We will review the options for types of websites/blogs and work to develop a consistent style and voice to your online presence.

  • Your Website
  • To Blog or not to Blog
  • Consistent Branding & Style
  • Review of Portfolio & Images
  • Showing What You Want to Book
  • Gallery Style, Size & Content
  • Top 10 Mistakes of Photography Websites

Price Points & Packaging: How in the world do you know what to charge for your work? Learn how to price for profit and find the right clients! We will delve deep into the financial planning of your business to be sure you know your numbers and are making a profit.

  • Conquering your own Psychology
  • Market Analysis
  • Finding your Ideal Customer
  • Low Volume vs. High Volume: What’s right for you
  • Calculating COGS
  • Products & Services You WANT to Offer
  • Customer Service & Communication
  • Promotions & Contests
  • Professionalism & Dealing with Client Concerns

Again, our INTRODUCTORY RATE won't last. Choose any one session or the Full Productivity Package (all four sessions). Email us at to take your business to the next level!