The birth of William and Marshall {Sneak Peek} | Virginia Birth Photographer

There are so many amazing images from William & Marshall's journey into the world - so I couldn't choose just one to share here.  Their mommy worked so incredibly hard to bring them earthside without all the medical interventions we see so often in childbirth.  With the support of their daddy, grandma, and auntie, she labored and labored.  For nearly three full days, they worked together as a team, not keeping their eyes off the prize.  The boys were strong, their heart tones never dipping - as if they were just too comfortable in their mom's womb.  But as her body showed signs that the process was getting to be too much, they decided to take a trip into the operating room in order to ensure that all three of them would be safe and healthy.  And as they were all united at last, they drank in the moment.  Congratulations to the entire family - these boys are so loved!!