The birth of Evie | Norfolk Virginia Birth Photography


{Please note that I am posting with full permission from the mother pictured in these images. There is some nudity in this slideshow, so if you are at work or somewhere that it is not appropriate, please wait to press play.}

The VBA2C birth of Evie (Evanora):



I was privileged to capture the birth of the second daughter in this family three years ago - and when I found out she was going forward with plans to have a vaginal birth after two previous csections, I was so thrilled and excited for her!   And what a warrior birth this was - after laboring at home (having exhausting prodromal labor for weeks) getting to 9 1/2 cm and pushing against a bit of an anterior lip, this brave woman made the decision to transfer to the hospital for pain relief and rest.  Once she arrived, the amazing team of doctors and nurses encouraged her to fight on.  Her birth team of midwife, apprentice, and doula (and photographer!) were welcomed in the room as her husband stayed behind with her daughters at home.  She was able to rest for just a bit after the epidural and it only took a few strong pushes for her to bring her 3rd baby girl into the world.  She jubilantly threw her hands up and smiled in triumph!  Able to hold her daughter immediately and drink in the sweet smell of newborn baby, she said, "This is SO much better than a csection!"  And when her husband and daughters arrived to meet the newest member of their family shortly thereafter, the amazement and wonder was evident.  Some of my favorite images EVER are the expressions on the 3 year old big sister's face when she asked, "Mama, you pushed her out of your vagina?"  They had so many conversations about how this baby's birth would be different from theirs and she was so excited for her mama!!  Congratulations to this sweet family - and enjoy watching this incredible birth journey below!


The birth of Evanora from Kimberlin Gray Photography on Vimeo.