Levi : From belly to baby | Virginia Beach Maternity, Birth, Newborn Photographer

This post is a compilation of one family's journey through their maternity, birth, and newborn sessions with me here at Kimberlin Gray Photography.  I am blessed to have such wonderful clients who trust me to capture their journeys.  Here is one client's experience in her own words: Two years ago, I received a birth announcement from a friend who had her newborn's pictures taken with Amanda from Kimberlin Gray Photography.  I was blown away at the quality and overall look of the pictures.  I immediately knew that if we were to have a second child, Amanda would be my photographer of choice.  After struggling with infertility for three years, we finally became pregnant, and I knew just who to contact for pictures.  Looking through pictures on the Kimberlin Gray website I knew I wanted her to capture every moment possible, so we decided to get maternity, birth, and newborn pictures all done with Amanda.  During my maternity session, she was super accommodating to all of our wants and needs (even laying down in the street to capture a dreamed-of silhouette image!).


With the birth of our son, it was a relief for my husband to be able to focus on me rather than trying to take pictures.  Throughout my 43 hour labor, Amanda not only captured those images that I will forever treasure, but she offered countless hours of support as I achieved my VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).


When our son was one week old, we arrived at the Kimberlin Gray studio tired with a not so happy baby.  We hoped that the car ride over would put him off to sleep, but when we arrived, his eyes were wide open (and in the back of my mind I was fearful that we were not going to get the images I wanted because he was not a big sleeper at all!).  I could not believe how well Amanda handled him throughout the session and used several tricks to get him to sleep.  My husband and I watched from the couch as she amazingly captured so many wonderful pictures of him.  Before we knew it, he and I had both dozed off to sleep!


Upon receiving the proofs of our pictures, we were amazed at all of the photos that Amanda was able to capture.  I cannot say enough good things about Amanda's photography skills.  There are many photographers that are out there that take pictures of newborns, but Amanda doesn't just take pictures, she's an artist!