Meet Hunter | Virginia Beach Newborn Photographer

Hunter's big brother came to my studio last year when he turned 1 year old for his nautical themed cake smash.  When his mommy told me she was expecting again, I was so excited to capture his new little brother too!  Here is what she said about her experience:

"Words can't express the value of the images that Amanda captured for me. My first son's newborn pictures turned out awful. They came from a photographer that was new to newborn photography and acted every bit. The images I received were completely over processed. When I say over processed I mean that the images didn't even look like him. I don't have one newborn picture of my first son hanging up because they were that bad. She also didn't practice newborn safety when posing my son and he ended up falling out of one of the baskets he was placed in, thankfully he wasn't hurt at all. After having such a terrible experience with something so precious to me I knew with my second son that I was going to do my research. I actually found Amanda through one of her clients. I instantly loved the images I saw and began looking more into her work. I saw through some of her before/after images how important infant safety was to her and I was sold!

I am a firm believer in "getting what you pay for". Her work may seem a bit pricey but the memories she captured makes all the money worth it. She offers payment plans which I loved! We we able to pick a plan that suited us. I felt so at home at the studio. I was able to sit and relax while she went to work. She was so good with my son and calming him. I never felt he was unsafe at any point during the session. We brought our 20 month old son along as well for some sibling shots and we knocked those out first. She had an area down stairs where he was able to play while she finished the session. I took ideas of poses I wanted to try and we were able to capture those as well. My favorite image is.... all of them! I can't pick one that I am not in love with. One of the images I treasure extra special is the one she captured of my husband, Hunter, and I. My husband missed the birth of our first son due to being on deployment and didn't return until he was 8 months old. I am completely in love seeing him hold this tiny new being that we created. I will always hold that close to my heart.

Do your research and invest. Thats the biggest advice I can give to picking your newborn photography. Book with Kimberlin Gray Photography, your heart will not regret it!