Turning TWO | Virginia Beach Baby Photographer

Two of my favorite babies came back to me for their two year birthdays.  Typically, I don't photograph babies over age 1, but I made an exception for Camille and Belle.

Camille's mommy answered my casting call for a Halloween cake smash.  She said, "I'd love to do a smash, but Camille is turning TWO - can we do a two-year-old smash?"  I've never done a smash with a 2yo, but decided I was up for the challenge!  I knew Ebony had something special planned for the cake and I had found an adorable set of 'spooky' books to use as the cake stand.  It all came together perfectly and Camille's love of cake and adorable expressions made this one just awesome!

Marybelle is almost like family to me now.  My mother is her nanny, so she comes over to our house to play with my two kids often and we all just love her!