The Birth of Susan | Norfolk Birth Photographer

When one of my best friends asked me to be there to photograph the birth of her third child, I was so thrilled.  Her first baby came via c-section, after a long and hard labor.  We actually met right before she had her son, I had just given birth to my daughter.  We became friends, bonding over scrapbooking and photos.  Then, when I told her I was pregnant with my second child, she let me in on the fact that she, too, was expecting!  Our children, both sets only a few months apart in age, have played together over the past few years and we have developed a wonderful friendship.  Welcoming this third child into the world, the second VBAC for her, was such an honor.  Being able to laugh with family members, capture the intimate moments, and even shed a tear or two in joy with them makes this much less a job and much more a privilege.

Enjoy the birth story of Susan Gemma by clicking on the link below.  Turn up the volume and grab some tissues - you may need 'em!

Susan's Birth Story