Surprise! Will you Marry Me? | Virginia Beach Portrait Photographer

Facebook is an amazing tool - a way to connect with people across the country (or even world!) that you might not otherwise communicate with.  About a year ago, I re-connected with some old (and I use that term loosely now that I'm in my 30's - ha ha!) friends from my hometown in Ohio.  It's been really cool to see where they are, what they've been doing since the *gasp* 15 years since high school.  One of those people just happens to live in Charlottesville, VA now - only a few hours from here.  She asked me a few months ago if I would take portraits of her boyfriend and her when they came to the beach this summer.  Flattered, I said, "Of Course!"  Then, a couple weeks before their session, I received an email from 'the boyfriend' - who let me in on the secret - he planned to propose on the beach!  Would I be interested in capturing the moment for them?   ABSOLUTELY!  :D   And here's just a peek at how it went:

And then we were able to take some portraits.  I brought along some bubbly (since I was in on the secret!) and it was a beautiful evening!   Now, I do not pretend to be an engagement photographer - and truthfully, I get nervous shooting couples - but they were so natural and so in love with each other that it was a breeze!  Thanks so much, Aimee & Rich for allowing me to capture your love and I hope you enjoy this peek!

The obligatory RING shot:

And, of course, a fun silhouette!!!