The birth of Sloane | Virginia Beach Birth Photographer

I was so lucky to have been referred to this couple by Modern Maternity (the "One-Stop Mom Shop") after they had a belly cast done by the mother/daughter duo who own the amazing shop.

The day of this scheduled c-section was a giant celebration with family and friends who were all there to lend their support and congratulations.

The grandmothers-to-be even had special shirts with their 'grandma names' - "Gigi" and "Mimi".  How adorable are they?!

When it was time, I handed my backup camera to Daddy and he headed in.  I think it's going to take me a few years to get through the 5,000 photos that he and the nurses took in the OR, but that's just fine.  They did an AMAZING job!

Mimi and Gigi could hardly wait to see that baby for the first time.  Tears of joy!

And her parents are so proud!  Welcome to the world, Sloane Raleigh!