Sweet Baby Belle | Virginia Beach Baby Photographer

One of my favorite babies, Belle, returned for her "sitting up" session (typically this Milestone session is scheduled between 6-8 months old to ensure that baby is sitting up nicely on her own) and we had an interesting time trying to capture her smile.  The first time we met, we snapped a few photos with her sitting on the brick walkway but when we moved to the grass and she felt those prickly blades on her sweet little piggies, it was all over!  We just couldn't recover and decided to pack it in and try again another day.

The other day ended up being a MUCH better idea.  And we captured some beautiful shots with this stunning little girl.  I could just eat her up every day!!

I've been holding on to this petti-romper just for this sweetheart to be the first.  I knew that with her hair and chubby thighs, it would be perfect!

And one more from my backyard "studio".  This is when she caught a glimpse of her Mommy walking up!