Romance | Virginia Beach Couples Photographer

I have been so excited to share these photos - this is my winning couple from the Love Story Contest!   They have endured much (read their story here) and are a beautiful couple!  Doesn't hurt that we had beautiful evening light, and lots of laughter!  What more can a girl ask for?!

I must admit to being out of my comfort zone with couples...I respect engagement and wedding photographers even more now that I've done a few of these "love" sessions!  It is not easy to pose a couple - there are so many things to keep in mind.  The height difference between them, the location, getting the lighting effect right (sunflare?  backlighting?) and then just getting them comfortable and looking at ease and not stiff and posed.  Phew!   I think I'll stick with sleepy newborns!!

But seriously, this couple is too gorgeous for words - and I hope I captured their love on camera!

The sunflare in this photo makes me swoon:

And the hotness of this one is swoon worthy, too!!!