Not so smashing | Virginia Beach Birthday Cake Smash Photographer

This 1st birthday boy shares his special day with my daughter, St. Patty's Day!  He came decked out in his perfectly green outfit and was more than happy to smile and flirt with me from the very first minute!  In fact, we had trouble getting him to stay more than 6 inches from me - or was it my big, black camera that he was enamored with?  Either way, he was a happy little guy until we gave him the cake! Ha!

Here's where he decided this wasn't any fun anymore.  (Note the tongue!)

And here's where he decided that maybe if he turned around and sat ON the cake, we wouldn't make him taste any more.  :)

After I gave him a spoon, he was much more interested in diggin' in...but still not going to actually EAT that stuff!

But who can resist this FACE???