My Top, 25...of 2010 | Hampton Roads Maternity, Birth, Newborn, and Family Photographer

I have been seeing other photographers that I admire posting their "Top 10 of 2010" blog posts all week long.  So, I planned to sit down on the Eve of 2011 to put together my Top 10...and it quickly became a Top 100 list.  There are just too many beautiful babies, gorgeous moms-to-be, fabulous families, and cute as a button kids that I photographed this past year.  In fact, counting mini-sessions, I had 133 sessions this year. Holy Moly!  Even I was surprised at that number!  So, choosing just 10 was simply impossible.

I settled on my Top 25.  When going back through all 133 sessions, I was drawn most to those images that did more than simply capture the moment.  I absolutely love those images where you can feel the emotion or the connection between the subjects being photographed.  Family is so important and being able to give images to my clients that capture how they feel about one another is my ultimate goal.

So, without further ado, here are my personal favorite 25 images from 2010.  I even wrote captions under each to give you a little more insight on why I picked them!  (Click here to see the FAN FAVORITE of 2010 - I didn't include it on my list, even though it is a fave of mine, too :) because it has been featured so recently.)

I hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane!  There were many, many more that I wanted to include, but just didn't have the time and space.  So now, out with the old.....and on to 2011! See you next year! :D