Not one of them alike...

I recently purchased a macro lens to take up close photos of those teeny tiny baby parts (lips, fingernails, toes, etc.).  I have been meaning to "play" a bit with it since I've seen some fabulous work by photographers who rock their macro lens, but haven't had time during this busy holiday season.  So, today when it SNOWED in Virginia Beach, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to capture some of those gorgeous individual snowflakes.   I've seen so many amazing macro images of flakes...but this was definitely one of those examples of "just having a good camera/lens doesn't guarantee our photos will turn out fantastically"!  :)

I found that it was WAY harder to focus on those individual flakes and get proper exposure - and avoid camera shake, and compensate for the wind....etc. etc. etc.   Guess I'll be sticking to babies and not changing my career to nature photography.  HA!

Here are a few that were *almost* in focus.  Enjoy!