Favorite Photo of 2010 {Contest} | Hampton Roads Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Child, and Family Photographer

As we finish out the year, I have been looking back and thinking about how much all of my clients have blessed my business and my life this year.  I have had such an amazing time getting to know you and your children and capturing your special and precious memories!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and allowing me to photograph your families!

Recently, I was looking back through my archives to pick 5 favorites for a photography contest...and I just couldn't do it!  I have at least one favorite from each family that I photographed this year - it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to pick just five from all the sessions I've had this year. But that made me wonder, "Can YOU pick a favorite?"  Let's give it a whirl...and make it a fun contest!

If you were a 2010 client and would like to earn a $150 gift certificate toward an early 2011 session, read on!

Here's how to win:

1.  Go back through the photos you have from your 2010 session with KGP.  Pick ONE favorite.  (That's right, only one! Yes, I know some of you had more than one session...but you'll have to pick your absolute favorite from all of them. :o)

2.  E-mail the websized/watermarked image to me at kimberlin.gray@gmail.com with the title "FAVORITE PHOTO CONTEST".  If you did not purchase the digital files, but have a printed image, take a quick snapshot of it and e-mail that to me.  That way, I can more easily delve back into my archives to find it! (If you have a gallery up right now or are waiting for your CD, you can let me know your fave and I'll do my best to put it up for you, too.)

3.  I will accept entries until 11:59pm tomorrow, Monday, Dec. 6th.  Then, I'll post the photos here on my blog with a poll to collect votes.  You will only be allowed to vote once, so you may want to ask your family/friends to vote for your photo!

**Note:  The voting will only be open for 48 hours - ending Thursday, Dec. 9th.  That way, everyone can only spam their Facebook friends (and e-mail their family members) for a limited time!**

4.  Because of the new Facebook Promotions rules - read this fun document if you're interested - I will only be posting links to the blog on Facebook with reminders to vote.  I am not permitted to run the contest or announce the winner on Facebook.

5.  The photo with the most votes will win a $150 gift certificate to use between February-April 2011.

Have fun picking your fave - can't wait to see if some of my favorites end up in the contest, too!