The Fifth {Sneak Peek} | Virginia Beach Maternity Photographer

This couple wasn't too sure about allowing me to share their photos on the blog...and the mom-to-be joked with me that she really liked the photos on my website "with just the belly - and no faces" so I decided to do a sneak peek just for her.   No faces - just belly - in this whole blog post!

And what a tiny 36 week belly it is.  Here's the view from above:

Are you wondering yet why I titled this "The Fifth"?  No, it's not because I'm pleading the's because the baby in this belly is going to BE a fifth.   He will be their first baby, but he'll have the Roman Numeral V after his name - sharing it not only with his father, but many 'greats' who came before him in this family!  When I heard that, I knew I needed to do something fun to showcase it.  Here it is - my tribute to Baby V (that's the Roman Numeral 5, not the letter V, by the way! :) )

One more...just for fun and giggles.  Truly a shame I'm not sharing the faces of this beautiful couple.  *sigh*  They really are gorgeous.  I guess you'll just have to wonder what they look like for all eternity!  :D