Elyse {Milestones Sneak Peek} | Virginia Beach Baby Photographer

I absolutely love when I get to photograph clients more than once...the only thing I love more is watching a baby grow during her first year of life.  This is my first Milestones baby that you'll see from birth to 1 year and I am so, so excited about it!  I watched her come into this world, photographed her at a bit more than a week old and she's already changed so much now that she's 3 months old.  The "Milestones" Package (click here for details) is set up to capture babies as they grow and change during the first year.  The first milestone is smiling - happens around three months and I adore capturing these first real smiles for mommies and daddies!  And what a smile this little sweetheart has....just melts your heart, doesn't it?