Welcome Home, Jolly Rogers! | Virginia Beach Operation Love Photographer

What an awesome experience to be at the fly-in homecoming of a squadron at Oceana Naval Air Station!  My husband has always said that the jet noise you hear in this area is just the "sound of freedom" and that rang so true while I was attending this special event.  These guys were gone for 7 months this year AND 6 months last year...with only a couple months stateside in between.  So, this was an extra special homecoming for their wives.

These ladies were SO excited to see their husbands....(to watch this in real time, click here for the news video!)

And even with three camera crews surrounding them (such a cute couple - no wonder they wanted to interview them) they were in their own little world.  A happy, joyful, tearful, love-filled world.

Welcome Home, Aaron!  I hope you and Lauren got to re-live your fun homecoming day through my photographs!