USS Eisehower Homecoming | Operation: Love ReUnited Photographer

The USS Eisenhower returned from a 7 month deployment this week - it was my third homecoming in three days, and definitely the hottest day to be outside, but well worth it to capture such a special event.  What an amazing experience!  The news organizations estimated 20,000 people were waiting at Norfolk Naval Base for the return of this aircraft carrier!  Luckily, I was able to hang out up on the pier in one of the VIP tents with my family who had won one of the "First Kiss" lottery drawings!  If you've never seen an aircraft carrier in person, you can't really imagine the scope and size of this beast.  It's a floating city and watching it pull in was quite awesome.

While waiting, I saw this Navy wife carrying the coolest sign and asked her to snap a pic:

And then it was time for the First Kiss.   Naturally, mommy watched as the first kiss went to her daughter...

And then it was her turn:

And the family was ReUnited at last!  Welcome Home, Jake!  Thank you for your service to our country.  We are all grateful to you and your family for your sacrifices.