The Birth of Brayden {Sneak Peek} | Norfolk Birth Photographer

I was honored to be asked by a fellow photographer, Christene of CS Photography, to be present to capture the birth of her second child.  It was my first time photographing a "surprise" gender, which made it even more exciting!!  Christene's husband was not due to return from deployment until after her due date, so these photos were going to be very precious for them.  Fortunately, the Navy sent him home a bit early and he was able to be present at the birth of his second child - another bouncing baby boy!

Christene's birth was at a place very dear to me, The Midwifery Center at DePaul Hospital.  I delivered my son there 16 months ago and being in the room again brought back lots of memories for me!  Christene was a trooper - she had been having contractions on-and-off for quite a while and it was increasingly difficult for her to get any rest.  She wasn't as far along as they had hoped when we arrived at the hospital, but with the awesome support and advice of her midwife (the same one who was there for my birth - love you, Nell!) and her doula, Brandy, she was able to labor without interventions and have an amazing water birth!

Congrats again, Christene & Andy!