Davis Family Mini-Sessions Scheduled

WOW.  Can I say that again?  WOW!  I am overwhelmed with the response to my Summer {Give} Mini-Session fundraiser for the Davis Family.  We have raised nearly $1300!!  Oh, happy day!  Not only that, but I was contacted by quite a few of you who opened your hearts to the Davis', offering supplies, job information, advice, and experiences with Diabetes.  I know that they were so grateful for your support and I can't wait for August 1st to photograph all of your families!!

Here is the schedule.  Please contact me ASAP if your time will not work.  I have very little wiggle room (as you can see)!

8am - Dumas 8:30am - Davis 9am - Peck 9:30am - O'Connor 10:30am - O'Leary 11am - Taylor 11:30am - Scott 2:30 - Carroll 3:00 - Jancewicz 4:00 - Crutchfield 6:00 - Greeves 6:30 - Strocko 7:00 - Vaughn

Shannon & Brian, I truly hope that this helps ease your family's worry a bit this summer!  We love you!