Mine on Monday | Virginia Beach Child & Children's Photographer

I don't often share photos of my own children on the blog - but saw the title "Mine on Monday" on another photographer's blog and realized I had just the photos - and the story to go with it - to share with you today! I must admit that I haven't taken nearly the number of photos of my own kids as I used to...before I launched this business, that is.   But I had it all planned out for Easter weekend - cute outfits were chosen for the kiddos, we would open Easter baskets in our jammies, go to church, brunch afterward as usual, and then we'd do a little "photo shoot" in the backyard.

Well, that didn't happen.  What DID happen was a weekend full of sickness, rashes, and hives.  My daughter (age 4) had a 104 degree fever off and on the week before Easter and on Saturday morning, woke up with a rash covering her entire body.  My son (age 1) woke up from his nap on Saturday afternoon with the largest hives I've ever seen!  The evidence:

So, the Easter portraits didn't happen.  And then, I was so busy for the following....well, four weeks with births, OpLove deployment sessions and homecomings, family sessions, mini-sessions, preschool volunteering, strawberry picking, (the list goes on!) and those Easter portraits took a back seat.  The outfits hung in the hallway taunting me every day.   My plan had been to get the kids' portraits taken, edited, and a special Mother's Day gift made for my mom, aunt, & mothers-in-law.  Guess when I finally got the pictures done?  You guessed it.  Last weekend - on Mother's Day.  (*insert eye rolling smiley face here*)  So, I'm hoping that my mothers-in-law aren't very interested in my blog and won't read this before their present finally arrives (nearly 2 weeks late!).

To make a long story short, here are my babies' Easter pictures - taken in our backyard.  It took two tries, a few tears (theirs AND mine :) ), and a very patient husband (Thanks for putting up with me, honey!) but I think it was a success.  I'll be featuring a new product on the blog VERY soon (after my in-laws get their presents ;) ) and can't wait to show you how they turned out!  Enjoy my cuties - I still marvel at my dark-eyed girl who looks so much like my husband and his side of the family and my blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby boy who looks like....well, we're not quite sure.  Ha!