Lovin' the Love {OpLove Sneak Peek} | Virginia Beach Family Photography

I received the most amazing e-mail recently from one of my OpLove clients.  His wife wanted to surprise him with the album of photos, so she didn't tell him about our session and he opened the package to find a Spiral Bound album filled with photos of his two beautiful girls.  Here is the e-mail he sent to me:


I just received the Spiral notebook of photographs of my wife and my daughter and they are absolutely beautiful.  I mean of course my wife and daughter are beautiful, but the pictures themselves are amazing.  I have never seen pictures of such quality in such an amazing design like the notebook album.  The settings are great and I can tell the photographer was great because my girls are smiling wide in every picture!  This was a welcome gift for someone who has been away from his family for over 5 months now and is missing a good portion of my baby’s development.  I cannot express the emotions that came to me as I looked over the pictures and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You sure know how to make a deployed military member happy and I hope others get the same opportunity I had in the future.  Thank you again and I hope my wife and I can do business with you again, hopefully with me being present next time!

My goodness, I can't express how wonderful that made me feel!  His reaction is exactly the reason that I decided to sign up for Operation: Love ReUnited.  Our servicemembers make so many sacrifices - too many of them make the ultimate sacrifice - and if I can give back to them just a wee bit of happiness, my job is done.

So, I'm previewing yet another OpLove session today.  This mom, too, is keeping it a surprise (so SHHH! if you recognize these beauties!) but I have to share these.  This little guy is only 10 weeks old and his Daddy got to spend just a blink of time with him before deploying overseas until October.  His little girl is not quite 2 years old, but was a total doll!  And this mommy's eyes are absolutely gorgeous - doesn't she look fabulous for just having a baby?? Enjoy this peek...can't wait to share them all with this daddy for Father's Day!

If you are interested in an Operation: Love ReUnited session for your family, please visit the OpLove Finder page to see if there is someone available in your area.  I am completely booked with OpLove through August, but have some openings for the fall.  I would also be happy to refer someone to you!