Daddy's Little Girl {Sneak Peek} | Virginia Beach Newborn, Infant, Baby Photographer

This sweet little girl was born just after her daddy returned from Iraq - you can see their Homecoming here - and I met her just a week after she was born.  A quick 2 1/2 hour labor (wow!) brought this tiny babe into the world.  She's the second princess in this family, but clearly loved so much!

I have a photo just like this first one of my two little ones - it's hanging BIG on my wall and I adore it.  I've wanted to try this pose for a while, and during this session it just seemed perfect!

And she slept so well that I was able to do some poses with her mommy and daddy that I have not been able to try before.  I posted one of these on my Facebook Fan Page asking whether the color or black and white was your favorite.  I think the black & white finally won out!!

As you can see, this little peanut was so easy to pose and I had a terrible (terribly good!) time narrowing down pictures for this sneak peek!   Oh, and she SMILED for me!!  Newborn smiles are the absolute sweetest thing - pure and beautiful and just perfect.