ABC Challenge | Virginia Beach Child & Children's Photographer

I have entered a fun challenge on one of my photography forums called "The ABC Challenge".  The rules are to submit one photo for each letter of the alphabet - but they had to be taken AFTER March 12th of this year!  So, I went back through the sessions I had between March 12th and April 30th.  Some of these are a stretch, I admit, but it was fun to try to find these 26 photos from my last few sessions (I had a lot of newborns this past month!) and I hope you'll enjoy browsing through them, too!

A is for Anticipation

B is for Bokeh (click here to find out what that photography term means)

C is for Cocoon

D is for Doorway

E is for Eye Contact

F is for Flag

G is for Grin

H is for Hands

I is for Induction

J is for jewel

K is for Kooky

L is for Love

M is for Macro (another photography term!)

N is for Nature (or Newborn!)

O is for Outline

P is for Peekaboo

Q is for Quiet Moment

R is for Rosette

S is for Sunshine Sisters

T is for The Thinker

U is for Unconditional Love

V is for Vanilla Cake

W is for Waiting

X is for eXit Sign

Y is for Yarn Hat

Z is for Zonked Out