What would *I* wear?

Many clients ask me, "What would YOU choose to wear?" for a family session.  They ask, "Does everyone need to match?" (Not unless you're Oompa-Loompas!)  "Should we wear white shirts and khaki's?" (Not unless you want to look like everyone else!).  "Should we buy something new?" (Only if you want to!)  So today, I'm giving you a little insight into my "vision" of a coordinated family look - since tonight, we are having our own family portraits taken.  I am so incredibly excited to have hired another local photographer that I admire.  Yes, I hired a photographer to take our photos. Yes, I'm paying her - not getting it for free.  No, it's not cheap.  But worth.every.penny.  And I couldn't be more thrilled.  (And, yes, I'll share some of them with you, don't worry!) I am hardly ever in pictures anymore.  I am always behind the camera and decided a few months ago that I would really like to have the kinds of photos of my family that I am giving to my clients.  Since my children both had birthdays in March (that's why you haven't seen much of me!) it seemed like the perfect time to document "us".   I scoured our closets and found out that #1 - I haven't bought anything nice for myself in a long, long time.  and #2 - We just didn't have the right colors for the location we've chosen - a field in southern Virginia Beach.  So, I went shopping.  I started with the kids (HINT:  It's easier to find complimentary solid-color tops for parents after choosing the patterns of your kids' clothes!) and found the dress for my 4 year old daughter at Dillards (Rare Editions brand).  Then, I saw the cutest searsucker outfit (complete with matching searsucker hat and shoes - and jacket depending on the weather) at Crazy 8 for my 1 year old son.  (HINT:  With babies who are carried and/or crawl, it is better to have a one-piece outfit rather than a shirt and pants so that the diaper doesn't stick out of the back!) Then, I found a coral colored top (that doesn't match perfectly, but is close enough!), dark jeans, and coordinating jewelry at The Limited for me and my husband is wearing a polo shirt from Brooks Brothers and a pair of dark jeans he already has.

Here's the complete family look {Excuse the half-hearted photo attempt...and imagine dark jeans with both adult tops. ;-) }

I can't wait to see how the photos turn out. Off to get everyone all "gussied up" for our sunset photo session in the field!  Can't wait to share with you in a few days! (And will reveal the name of the photographer then!)