What to Wear Wednesday | Virginia Beach, VA Child & Family Portrait Photographer

-------------------------------------- Okay, so it's Thursday.  *blush*  I meant to get this posted last night, but you mommies know how it is.  Sick kid, messy house, backlogged work....so we'll pretend that it's Wednesday, right?  :)  Thanks.

Today, I'm starting a new feature on the blog called "What to Wear Wednesday".  One of the most common questions that I receive after a family books a session with me is, "What should we wear?"  I hope to alleviate the stress of that by posting these images monthly as reference!  Just a hint:  If you're ever looking for a particular post, you can look under "CATEGORIES" at the top or use the "SEARCH" function (located under the slideshow of pics at the top of the blog)  Enjoy!