Being Photographed ~ {My Sneak Peek}

I hate being photographed. There, I said it.  Feels a bit like blasphemy for a photographer to say that, but it's true.

I am just like you.  A mom who barely has time to fix her hair and put on makeup, a mom who buys adorable clothing for her children but rarely shops for herself and the mere idea of shopping alone is laughable. I'm also sporting an extra 10 (okay, maybe more like 20) pounds after giving birth twice.  I rarely like my hair, my teeth are crooked, and I hate my profile.  Have I covered it all?

But, there is one thing I know.  My children don't see that.  My children think I'm beautiful.  I'm their Mommy and they will always love me - no matter the extra pounds or bad hair days.  I look back at pictures of my own mother fondly - I love to see the hairstyles, fashion, and fads.  But what I really see when I look at those photos is a mother who loves her children.  Yes, I see my dad's ZZ Top beard (seriously!) and I laugh at my mom's perm, but what I really see is the connection between a family.

I decided a few months ago that I was sad that there were very few of those photos of my baby boy and I.  Since delving into the photography world, I have not had professional photos taken of my family and therefore have been behind the camera.  So, I hired the AMAZINGLY talented Amy Sandoval of Amy Sandoval Photography.  Her photos just speak to me.  While my style is more bold with bright colors, hers have a dreamy look that creates a soft and airy feel.  Her use of light is phenomenal and I knew that hiring her would be a great investment - photos to treasure forever!

I was right - just the sneak peek on her blog makes me smile - flaws and all - and I am already scouring my home to find the perfect wall to display these.  How I will pick is anyone's guess...but I'll certainly have fun trying!

Oh, and if you are looking for a sexy, yet tasteful gift for your husband, check out her Curves Boudoir site.  Someday, when I get the courage (and maybe lose those 20lbs!) I plan to hire her for a session to knock the socks off my hubby!  Yes, dear.  I really did share that with the world.  ;-)