Birthday Boy {Sneak Peek} | VA Baby, Child & Children's Photography

Yes, another cake smash - lots of birthdays in the past few weeks!  I just love how these sessions capture a baby's personality.  They're all different and I have so much fun both during the shoot and while editing these shots.  This little guy (who you might think looks awfully familiar - yes, he's our little Beachcomber!) was the most "smashing" cake smasher I've had yet!  He really dug into that cake and when he got excited, he shook his hands and cake and icing flew EVERYWHERE!  {PSA to moms who are thinking about trying this on their own:  Do not attempt this in your living room - or anywhere there is carpet! My studio has old rugs that already have Playdoh and paint on them from my own kids, but you should know if you're thinking about this at your house that the colored icing does stain!!}  This little guy loved his cake as much as the icing, which is rare for his age! He's a boy after my own heart! Check him out digging into that cake:

How do you spell mess?  B-O-Y!  He's so proud of himself here, isn't he?

Just one more....from before the smash.  This is the Birthday Boy showing us his toes: