Sunday Share - {Tips}

My New Year's Resolution is to blog more!  I hope you'll enjoy hearing (and seeing) more from me in 2010. Yesterday was the first warm day we've had here in VB since....well, before Christmas, maybe!  It was great to get the kids outside again and get my camera out.  I think it has been lonely sitting up on the shelf!  :-)

Here's a tip for moms: Did you "miss" an event?  Wanted to get a picture of your child in a favorite Christmas outfit and just didn't get "the shot"?   Dress them up and snap a few pictures in January!  Nobody will ever know except you!  Case in point:  I wanted to get a few snaps of my daughter on New Year's Eve with these silly glasses - I had 2009 glasses last year and thought the pics turned out so cute.  But, something happened and I didn't get to it.  (Sound familiar?)  So, yesterday was a nice day, the glasses have been sitting on the counter and she wanted to play outside.  I bribed her with "If you let me take a few pictures, you can play in the backyard!"

Did you know these weren't taken on Jan. 1st?  Not until I told you!  So, don't fret if you don't get the picture you wanted.  Set it up a month later - unless you have a newborn (they change SO FAST!) it's unlikely that anyone will be able to tell!

Happy Snapping - here are a few more from our Not-Really-The-New-Year photo op!