Pricing for Profit


Pricing for Profit


In this video,  you will learn how to think about pricing for profit and strategies on exactly HOW to raise prices and what to say if clients, friends, or family object. 

Topics include:
*How to know you need to raise your prices
*3 TRICKS to raise your prices without losing all your clients
*Friends & Family discounts
*Client communication from the start - communicating VALUE
*Creating a client experience that is WORTH more
*Common objections and what to say to clients if they object to pricing

PLUS: following this session, you receive a discounted rate on our 1:1 Price Points & Packaging course (part of the Productivity Roadmap) if you want to continue and delve into the specifics within your business & your market.

Price Points & Packaging: How in the world do you know what to charge for your work? Learn how to price for profit and find the right clients! We will delve deep into the financial planning of your business to be sure you know your numbers and are making a profit.  Included topics:

  • Conquering your own Psychology
  • Market Analysis
  • Finding your Ideal Customer
  • Low Volume vs. High Volume: What’s right for you
  • Calculating COGS
  • Products & Services You WANT to Offer
  • Customer Service & Communication
  • Promotions & Contests
  • Professionalism & Dealing with Client Concerns
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