Giving Birth.  It is the hardest thing you will ever do. 

It is the best thing you will ever do.

You will forget the pain....but will you remember the joy?

When you hire Kimberlin Gray Photography, you are not simply hiring someone with a camera to provide you with snapshots. You will have the most beautiful, tasteful, and artistic images of one of the most important days of your life. Amanda has photographed over 100 birth stories and is knowledgeable about the process of birth, the logistics of the day (or night!), experience with local hospitals and homebirth midwives, and she has the technical skill to capture these images in any lighting or circumstance.  Below are just a few of the birth stories we have captured.  Each is unique....Each is Beautiful.

I cannot stop thinking about the video and how incredible it is that we have such a beautiful moment in our life documented. Words cannot express how grateful we are for you and your talent.
— Caroline

Birth Films:

Photography + Videography Fusion Slideshows (by request only)

I cannot say enough wonderful things about having Kimberlin Gray Photography at the birth of our son. The images and memories Amanda captured are so important to us and will truly be treasured. From the first meeting, Amanda hardly felt like a stranger and when it came time to his birth, through her wonderful professionalism she was barely noticed in the delivery room. Seeing the images presented in visual storytelling brought back a flood of emotion and memories. Priceless!
— Cristene